Multibeam antenna boosts RFID accuracy and reliability


German researchers have developed a multibeam antenna for RFID (radio frequency identification) systems which, they claim, provides high levels of accuracy when capturing data from transponders, as well as improving reliability, especially in challenging environments. The antenna, which is compatible with all common RFID readers, is about to start pilot trials.


Hi CamilaP, good afternoon! I'm looking for a antenna for arduino able for every types of rfid in 125KHz, are you speak abot this?I only found antennas for EM4100, EM4305... I even want to do an antenna able for unknown tags in 125khz, to read and write in a new tag. Are you know something about this? thx


You can use any reader that has serial data between the reader and Arduino software serial. Reply with a link to the reader youre considering and we can have a look.