What is business card? Why do you need business card

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What is business card? Why do you need business card

Mensajepor Lotus » Mar 09 Oct, 2018 9:26 am

Business cards have been improved. Along with the development of technology, the card has become the most minimalist, the most luxurious with Qrcodecode printed on the card.

How to generate a QRcode to print on the card?

Currently, creating Qrcodecode is easy and completely free. If you power the Android operating system then you just install a QRcode app. App will help you generate code quickly.

Here are the reasons why you need a business card

1. Business information or business owners often have information such as name, address, phone number, company website link. The listing of all this information on the video card will be narrow, unclear. The size of the card is not large enough to display all the information.


2.Increase the professionalism and modernity of the business. When customers receive the card with the QR code, they will feel that your business is always catching up with technology, creating an impression and exciting immediately.

3. Not afraid to lose touch. Suppose at an event, you happen to meet a prospect, you give them a card. If they scan the line on your card, your information will be easy to make contact in their phone. Therefore, even if the card is lost .. The customer can still contact you when they need.


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