QRcode is currently the most popular trend

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QRcode is currently the most popular trend

Mensajepor Lotus » Jue 04 Oct, 2018 11:26 am

The Qrcode code is creating a fever on the Internet today. Looking at Qrcode code is like an intricate matrix, behind is the mysterious solution.

What is QRcode?

Qrcode is a two-dimensional bar code format, used to encrypt certain information. There are many types of code Qrcode: Email code, Website, Contact, Event ... With a device installed a special app to scan the bar code will lead to you a website, or event information. Many uses in the present life, used to identify the brand or personal profile.


Using Qrcode you do not have to worry about information leakage, as it helps to keep the information secret absolutely safe. All you need to do is use the QR Scanner - Barcode Reader - Create QRcodeon the Create section and create a code and share it with your friends. QRcode supports fast connection to social networks such as Facebook, Message ...

You can use a specialized app to scan barcodes, you can go to google play download QRcode - Barcode Reader - Create QRcodeand use . Qrcode is not as dry as you think, so you can send sweet messages to your relatives and friends. Imagine your birthday, your husband goes to work far away send you a code Qrcode. You scan the information and the text appears "Wife is the best thing of me!". Will you be happier and more moving than the normal message lines?

Experience the benefits that it brings to catch up the trend!


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